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Torn Clothing (analyze this!)

Torn clothing, apropos of our John Fiske reading. What’s the difference between the following?:

Torn jeans on the runway (source unknown)

Torn jeans on the runway (source unknown).


Our Marines (analyze this!)

Embedded below, for the purpose of analysis, is a TV commercial for the United States Marine Corps. The commercial was produced in 2007 as part of a larger media campaign titled America’s Marines. That campaign involved sending a “Silent Drill Platoon” to various American cities in order to film Marines drilling in front of representative American sites. The finished commercial debuted on American Idol on 16 January 2008 and was also aired during NFL playoff games on 20 January 2008, and has been available online since. I saw this commercial, or a version of it, on television as recently as late 2009.

I refer you to Robert Scholes’ “On Reading a Video Text” for the sake of analysis.

The inclusion of this advertisement constitutes neither an endorsement nor a critique of the commercial or the USMC; this is simply something I plan to discuss in class on Aug. 31.