Barthes’s “Mythologies


Barthes’ Mythologies is a slender book, but demanding. It takes time to read. Therefore we’ll concentrate on just a few selections.

Here are our selections:

Prepare for Tuesday, Sept. 7:

  • Preface to the 1970 edition, page 9
  • Preface to the 1957 edition, pages 11-12
  • “The World of Wrestling,” 15-25
  • “Soap-powders and Detergents,” 36-38

Prepare for Thursday, Sept 9:

  • “Wine and Milk,” 58-61
  • “Striptease,” 84-87

(In addition, you’ll need to read our Moodle selections from Danesi on this day.)

Prepare for Tuesday, Sept. 14:

  • “Myth Today,” 109-59

Oh, and here’s an image referenced by Barthes late in the book, which we’ll be talking about on Sept. 14:



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